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Upcoming Headshot Event, December 2, 2018 | Fairbanks Business Photographer

One last time in 2018: A full day of headshots! This event includes a preparation guide, an on-site sitting with a professional makeup artist, a portrait sitting, and a complete set of finished portraits (you can expect at least 10-15 unique portraits) via digital download + print release. The all-inclusive fee is $250; and remember, if these headshots are for your professional life, this is a tax-deductible expense! 

RSVP Required. To reserve your spot, please purchase a deposit and select an appointment time here. Please feel free to flag me down with any questions! 

I love this event because I think headshots - GOOD headshots - are really, really important, especially for small, local business. More info and thoughts on headshots here.

INTERSECTIONS: Art by Amy Komar, October 2018

INTERSECTIONS is a solo exhibit at the Alaska House Gallery featuring an entire year’s worth of work by Amy Komar, artist (and friend) extraordinaire.

If your October “First Friday” walk includes downtown Fairbanks, make sure you swing by Alaska House for the show’s opening reception, October 5, 2018, 5:00p.m. to 8:00p.m. Or, you know, make a special trip. This show is worth it!

The show hangs through the end of November. You can get in touch with Amy and see more of her work on Facebook, Instagram, and her website.

(90% of these antique metal pieces are held in their handmade frames by super strong MAGNETS. They’re pretty much the coolest things ever.)

And what about these lovely photos of Amy’s artwork, you ask? They were produced right here in the studio at Sarah Lewis Photography. I’m pleased to offer artwork photography to the Fairbanks community (it is, after all, some of my favorite things - local art, local business, and commercial photography - all wrapped up into one convenient package!).

Exciting things are in the works over here when it comes to artists and supporting the art community… stay tuned, or sign up for my email newsletter to get more info soon.

Next Up: Perfect {Professional} Headshots, June 24, 2018

And though I can scarcely believe it, the next installment of Perfect {Professional} Headshots is just around the corner on Sunday, June 24, 2018. I have the day set aside to transform the studio into a haven of headshots. Steven Cervantes of Salon Bella will be on site all day providing professional makeup services (and hair finishing touches). Each session includes about thirty minutes with Steven and thirty minutes in front of the camera. It's my goal to provide a comfortable, confident environment so we can produce a versatile set of portraits to suit your professional needs.


These headshot events are a bit of a passion project - and I know I've written at length about it before, so I'll spare you now, haha. I'm always thinking about ways to tweak the experience (for the better) and to produce portraits that will meet the variety of needs my clients present. As a result, the upcoming Headshot event is a little different in two significant ways: 1) a wider variety of poses will be included for all participants, ranging from very formal to very casual, and very traditional to very 'artsy'; and 2) each session includes a complimentary in-person consultation AFTER the finished photos have been delivered if further refining or retouching is desired.


Sessions include a prep guide; 30 minutes with the makeup artist; up to 30 minutes in front of the camera; a complete set of finished high resolution images + print release; and a post-image in-person consultation if desired. 

If headshots are on your to-do list, this is your chance! And - this is the big thing to pay attention to - if you're an existing headshot client, you have a standing invitation to participate as well at a special 50% discount. It's a great opportunity to expand the headshots you have, add a completely different look, or even start from the ground up if you'd like.

You can purchase your June 24, 2018 Perfect {Professional} Headshots RSVP here.   Please leave me a note in the 'comments' (or shoot me a separate email) to let me know what time of day would generally work best for you.  I can't wait!  


Fairbanks Breastfeeding Coalition 2018 Juried Art Show: Fairbanks Fine Art Photographer

This April marked the fourth annual juried art show put on by the Fairbanks Breastfeeding Coalition.  I just LOVE this exhibition.  An incredible variety of works are submitted every year and there are always pieces that surprise and amaze me.  I've been fortunate to have pieces included in all four shows now, and an image of mine won the second prize award in both 2016 and 2017.  

This year, my image won first prize.  

"If Only I Had Another Set of Hands," ©2018 Sarah Lewis.   Special thanks to Brooke, Conner, and Colleen, models extraordinaire.   

"If Only I Had Another Set of Hands," ©2018 Sarah Lewis.  Special thanks to Brooke, Conner, and Colleen, models extraordinaire.  


I love that I can count on this show happening annually, because it gives my brain time to meander around and contemplate ideas without much of a time crunch.  The idea for this image hit me during the dead of winter, and I knew I wanted to make it for the FBC show.  It took several months to plan it out and put it together (mostly because passion projects are often the last things on the list to get taken care of...), and then to shoot and edit.  The whole process was surprisingly refreshing - following an idea just for me, with no expectations or requirements... I realized it's been far too long since I let such rabbit holes into my workload.  

A note to those who might like to share or use this image, since copyright is tricky in this day and age: if you are a sole individual (and not an entity) sharing online, please share but cite and link back to me.  If you would like to include this image as part of a website or publication, online or otherwise, please drop me a line first so we can chat.  Thank you! 

Guys Read - Fairbanks Non-Profit Photographer

If you guys aren't familiar with Guys Read Gals Read, Inc, you should definitely give that link a click and check it out.  (They're also on Facebook!)

Twenty minutes at a time, volunteers from our community are reminding Fairbanks' fourth graders that reading is actually pretty cool.  Guys Read is a nationally recognized program that has inspired a growing number of other communities across the country to adopt similar programs.  

And here they are at work.  The "sister" (...literally!) program, Gals Read, starts up soon - you can look forward to seeing more on the blog then!  

Next up: Perfect {Professional} Headshot Events - Fairbanks Small Business Photographer

At long last: the dates for the next installments of the Perfect {Professional} Headshots series! 

As always, these events include a preparation guide, an on-site sitting with a professional makeup artist, a portrait sitting, and a complete set of all finished portraits (you can expect at least 5-10 unique portraits) via digital download + print release.  The all-inclusive fee is $225, and remember, if these headshots are for your professional life, this is a tax-deductible expense!  

SEPTEMBER 16, 2017 12-4 -- SOLD OUT

NOVEMBER 18, 2017 12-4

Limited spots available.  Discounts are available if you would like to book multiple spaces for all of your employees - contact me for details.  

Don't hesitate to book your spot now!  Contact me to grab a slot.  I look forward to working with you!  

NURTURE: Art by Colleen Firmin Thomas, August 2017

I love having artist friends, if only because I sometimes get to wrangle a sneak peek at solo exhibitions before they open!  I have always been in love, hard, with my friend Colleen's artwork, so I was only too happy to help her photograph a selection of her works that will hang as part of her show in the Bear Gallery this August.  The show opens on Friday, August 4th with a reception from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.  

Colleen gave me the thumbs-up to share some of the work we photographed here.  Consider it your very own sneak peek!  But trust me, you want to see these in person (as you would with any artwork, but these are three-dimensional works, so you REALLY need to experience these in the flesh!).  

You can follow along with Colleen's career on Instagram and her shiny new website.   

Summer at Calypso Farm - Featured in Edible Alaska's Summer 2017 Issue

During the coming year, Edible Alaska will be doing a four-season series featuring Ester's own Calypso Farm.  First up is summer, featured in the current issue.  I was thrilled to contribute a few images to the story, which I took last summer while on a field trip to Calypso with my kids.  

edible alaska's summer 2017 issue

edible alaska's summer 2017 issue

Animals, dirt, flowers...pretty much a kid's dream come true.  With my camera in hand, I think I had almost as much fun as they did.  I compiled a few more of my favorite images here, but I definitely recommend getting your hands on a copy of the magazine to read the wonderful piece that accompanies the images (along with the rest of the issue's content!).  

Sweet Cheeks Bakery is On A Roll - Featured in Edible Alaska's Summer 2017 Issue

My friend Annie is kind of amazing.  She also happens to make a mean cinnamon roll.  Not just anyone could take those two things -- amazingness and cinnamon rolls -- and put them together, but Annie could, and did.  Last year, she followed a flash of inspiration all the way to the end and made a dream come true.  

I can't think of any way to write this that doesn't sound a little cheesy, or sappy, or perhaps both, but nonetheless - I am so inspired by her.  Maybe because I had a somewhat behind-the-scenes view of things over the year during which Annie and Vance worked to make the bakery a reality, I have an extreme appreciation for the sheer amount of work, dedication, and determination that has gone into this "little" endeavor.  They built it from the ground up and made it happen.  This summer, Annie and her family are living the once-lofty dream of feeding people delicious treats while taking advantage of all our beautiful state has to offer.

And it is so.  cool.

I am of course thrilled that Edible Alaska included my photo essay on Sweet Cheeks in their 2017 Summer issue.  Copies are available all around the state, and there's additional content on their website.  

I wanted to share some additional favorite images from my session with Sweet Cheeks here as well ( you may recognize, my two older kiddos were MORE than happy to volunteer to model for the "tasting" portion of the day, haha)!  

Sweet Cheeks is currently in Valdez throughout June, serving up fresh, warm cinnamon rolls to locals, fisherpeople, and tourists alike!  They'll be back in Fairbanks sometime mid-season.  To keep up with their whereabouts, follow them on Facebook here.  

Bon appetit!