birth photography mentorship

I am happy to offer formal mentorship in birth photography to begin in January, 2017.  Both full and half-day one-on-one sessions will be available, in addition to ongoing communication and support after our session.  Mentoring will include:

  • an overview of what I've learned about shooting births over the past five years (in homes, hospitals, and birth centers)

  • the technical aspects of the unique photography required for this niche

  • constructive portfolio review

  • business mentorship, including being properly licensed, customer contracts, and insurance

  • marketing, including an evaluation of your website and social media presence

  • and, of course, any additional questions you might have!

I'm an open book and I'm excited to help the industry grow here in Fairbanks!  If you are interested in more information about formal mentorship, please contact me for pricing and availability.    

Presenting the fourth in a series of slideshows from the Birth Photography Facebook group! This one is in honor of some of our favorite people in the birth community: Doulas & Midwives! Most birth photographers will tell you that they love photographing a birth attended by a midwife and/or doula where the mom-to-be is supported (physically and emotionally), encouraged, and comforted throughout her labor.  *Featuring two of Sarah Lewis Photography's images.*

This slideshow has had the working title of "The Dad Slideshow", and each image shows a priceless moment captured by a professional that would not have been captured if dad had been in charge of the camera during labor, delivery and those p recious sweet moments after that tiny baby has finally arrived!  *Featuring an image from Sarah Lewis Photography.*

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