Perfect {PROFESSIONAL} Headshots, Round Two - Fairbanks Commercial Portrait Photographer

Your LinkedIn profile.

Your Facebook Business Page.

Friday Introductions on Instagram.

Your blog byline.

When your essay or blog post is featured on another platform and you're asked for a bio.

The back of your First Friday postcards. 

When you're asked speak or present at a conference and need to submit a picture.

The 'About Me' page of your website.

....When your grandmother calls and says your holiday card was wonderful, the kids are so cute, but she'd also like to see what YOU look like these days.

These are all real-life, real-time examples of why you need a killer headshot in your pocket (and off your to-do list).  Especially for women, especially for small business owners, we're all about putting the best foot forward - but it can be too easy to neglect putting the best FACE forward.  

A selfie doesn't cut it.  A snapshot from a vacation you took ten years ago doesn't cut it.  And ANYTHING taken with a smartphone doesn't cut it.  You need a professional image.  

It's no fun to be in front of the camera, I know, but as I've written before, I feel strongly that it's important to take yourself and your business seriously and to emanate the confidence you bring to it - whether your field is artistic, leadership, scientific, or humanitarian.  

And on the subject of confidence (and confidence in front of the camera, and self-esteem): this is one instance where faking it till you make it really works.  You may be reticent to step in front of the lens, but do it anyway, and be confident that you're going to love how you look.  The Perfect Headshot events have been designed from the ground up to make something kind of unappealing (am I the only one who has flashbacks to school picture day whenever someone says 'headshot'?) into something fun, relaxing, and even a little bit luxe.  I love having a skilled makeup artist take over the prep work, and I love working with clients to achieve natural, poised, FLATTERING and authentic portraits.

I'm pretty pleased with the results of these headshots, which feature Brenda Riley, the executive director of the Fairbanks Children's Museum (and local hero!).  What do you think?

Give me a shout if you want a heads up (...had to do it!) before the next round of headshots - I'd love to see you there!