Eggs & A Slice of Light - Fairbanks Documentary Photographer

My daughter's preschool teacher recently gifted us a dozen homegrown eggs on what turned out to be a spectacularly sunny (and really chilly!) fall day.  Upon opening them, I saw they were a variety of sweet, muted pastel hues, and I couldn't resist the urge to take a quick photo in the bright sunlight.  That got Norah's interest, though, and as she came over to see what I was doing she began counting them, pointing out the different colors, and asking why they were different...and I "accidentally" made a photo essay about it.  (Hashtag, photographer problems.)  Seriously, though, you couldn't have planned a waldorf-inspired moment better if you'd tried!  We got to count, match, and talk all about chickens.  Every day since then, she's requested "pretty eggs" for breakfast and has painstakingly selected which two eggs she'd like from the pantone array of peach, ecru, pale turquoise, and almost-blue in the cardboard carton.

Picking up my camera and taking the time to indulge in personal work like this - documenting our everyday moments - has been so good for my soul.