Amy Komar ART

Amy has long been one of my favorite local artists (Amy Komar Art) - I love how original and fueled by passion her work is.  In addition to her invaluable contribution to the Fairbanks art scene, she's a pretty rad woman and an amazing mama to boot.  

This shoot was actually several years in the making - we first talked about it aaaages ago, before our now-two-year-olds were even a thing.  :)  It took us a while to actually make it happen, but perhaps it was fated - because I just love the blend of lifestyle family and editorial/commercial photography that we got from this shoot.  We needed to stock her website, and they were also long overdue for family photos... two birds, one stone.  As Amy noted, she does her work at home, surrounded by her family, and her husband and daughter are both participants in the process - from Lola's help selecting the perfect Katchemak Bay stones, to the frames Matt builds to house each of Amy's wall art pieces.  It was important to her that we capture something that LOOKED like her actual process - her actual life, workspace, surroundings, and inspirations.  

This is some of what we came up with.  Love.