Signe, Hamish, & Saskia: Mother + Child - Fairbanks Lifestyle Family Photographer

I’m lucky to have such lovely friends who agree to let me photograph them incessantly. : ) Signe and I wanted to do some babywearing portraits, and luckily, she let me turn this into a Mother + Child session with her two little ones as we played in the botanical gardens. It was just beautiful (as you can see).

As I said in my last post on Mother + Child sessions, I have a real passion for these “little sessions” (40 minutes). I think it’s just wonderful to design an activity that mother and child love to do together, to pull mom out from behind the camera and put her in her family’s spotlight for real. It’s so important for mom to be in the picture, and I believe it so much that there are several putting-my-money-where-my-mouth-is posts in the works. : )

For now, please enjoy these lovely images!