Tiny House, Growing Family - Fairbanks Family Photographer

It just snowed for the first time this winter yesterday.  So I'm still in the 'oh, snow, you're so pretty' phase of things, and it seemed like a good time to finally get some pretty winter sessions up on the blog!  

These faces are probably familiar to many - both Baylie and Bjorn grew up in Fairbanks and seem to know almost everyone, LOL!  And they became even more well-known on an entirely different scale when they joined the tiny living phenomenon about two years ago (yeah, this session is circa late 2014....oops).  

This sweet session shows them with their first tiny house, here in Fairbanks.  They've since moved on to warmer climes (Washington state) and bigger houses (... I think they gained something like 25 square feet in their new tiny, haha!), but this is a chapter in their journey that's definitely worth remembering.  

You can catch up with their adventures raising two (soon to be three!) kids in a tiny house on Baylie's blog, Tiny House Growing Family.