Featured: The Huffington Post

I'm thrilled to share that two of my images were featured in The Huffington Post's September 1, 2016 piece on strength in birth.  They appear alongside 41 other images that are astounding.  I highly encourage you to check it out here!  

A quick addendum: I have enjoyed getting published several times recently, but - lest anyone believe SLP is rich and famous - I feel compelled to clarify that, as thrilling as all my publications have been, as yet they've all been unpaid.  I could actually write for quite a bit on that topic, but I'll spare you for the most part.  "Exposure" is great.  It's really really good.  But it's also true that it goes only so far - to quote The Oatmeal, you can't eat exposure - for that, you need to get paid.  (Do click that link.  It's worth it.)