Fresh 48: not just for humans anymore | Fairbanks Lifestyle Photographer

In recent months I've had not one but TWO sets of friends ask if they could set up Fresh 48 sessions to document the growth of their families - but not because they were welcoming human babies.  Rather, each family was stepping into the animal kingdom. 

I can't even tell you how much I loved this idea. 

Ada adopted two kittens, Bluebell and Rosie; and Ali, Bradon, Eli, and Emi adopted a silver lab named Ru.  And the cuteness just did. not. stop.  

I absolutely loved the opportunity to take the lifestyle approach into documenting such a fun family milestone.  It's no secret that I love portraits that break all the molds, and I love that I have friends and clients who have joined in me in thinking outside of the box.  (I'm so proud!  Sniff, sniff.)