Happy Halloween | Annual Client Appreciation Event at Sarah Lewis Photography

So, here’s the deal.

In many ways, custom photography is a luxury product: non-essential, but lovely. (In other ways, of course, it’s the “product” that matters most: I remember how struck I was when National Geographic published images after Hurricane Katrina, picturing warehouses full of folding tables covered with photographs salvaged from the ruins, and the hoards of people desperately searching through them to pluck their memories out of the melee.)

As such, I have such an appreciation for all my clients: those who invest in my services even though it’s so easy to let that little voice in your head talk you out of it. I know how much of an investment photography is, no matter how valuable I believe it is in the long run, and I have such gratitude for this crowd of people who not only agree with me, but who also make my humble business a reality.

So, I’m saying thank-you in the only way I know how: photos! Insert laughing-until-you-cry emoji here. Each year, I send all my clients a holiday card with a coupon for $100 off their next full session, and in the meantime, I try to offer Client Appreciation events. All my clients are invited to drop by my studio for complementary portraits and/or merriment as a gesture of gratitude (and because they’re a pretty rad group of people to hang out with, too).

In 2018, these included a Better Than School Portraits event in September,

client BTS_0002.jpg

and a Halloween Open House with complimentary costume portraits.

halloween 2018_0001.jpg

If 2019 is the year you’d like to join the invite list for these client-only events, drop me a line here and we’ll talk photos.