The Ranson Family - Fairbanks Lifestyle Family Photographer

This winter, I had some time to really reflect on what it was I wanted to pursue with indoor, lifestyle family sessions – how to capture the essence I was really after. How to be more confident in the vision as I designed it, and how to ensure that vision was coming through to others. It meant a lot of thinking, and ultimately challenging myself in a slightly new way.

As is the case with most growth, it was challenging, but rewarding tenfold. I was so excited to design and shoot this session I could hardly wait.

And this family did not disappoint. These three girls and their parents are such an amazing family, and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to document the bits and pieces that make up their everyday. So much speaks through these pictures: the strong, strong, and remarkably unique relationship each parent has with each child; their gentle voices; the girls’ vibrant personalities; and a very down-to-earth confidence and self-reliance. (This is a family that makes not only its own bread and root beer, but also gymnastics leotards, miniature hockey tables, and jungle gyms!) It was such great fun to be a part of their lives for a few short hours. I hope they feel I captured their hearts well.