Lucy Sue's Herbal Bath - Fairbanks Newborn Photographer

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that I LOVE herbal baths.


I will admit, I first fell in love with them for reasons that were other than pure. I mean – they’re beautiful, visually. There’s pretty much nothing better than a serene little baby floating in mama’s hands. But after I had my second baby, I came to love them for much more practical reasons. I won’t go into them all here, but my oh my, they are wonderful.  (Let's just say - VERY soothing for tender tissues!)

Mostly due to my profound love of herbal baths, I’ve long wanted to incorporate them into my Fresh 48 sessions for families who were interested – after all, I feel they’re a “productive” use of postpartum time, since they are so soothing and promote healing, but also because they’re a visually stunning skin-to-skin cuddlefest.

I’m thrilled to have finally had the chance to photograph a few herbal baths, and I’m so excited to share the first with you. Lucy Sue was only a few days old when we took these pictures – and, as you can see, her older siblings were so in love with her, they couldn’t help but climb into the bath themselves.

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