The Tate Family - Fairbanks Lifestyle Family, Maternity Photographer

I know, I know. If I say “I love this session!” on every single post, it might start to sound a little less than genuine – or, at the very least, trite. The truth is, I have been so very fortunate to really enjoy all of my clients and to love the images which result from their sessions. They challenge me, force me to grow and hone my gaze, and all the while appreciate the absolute beauty in front of my camera.

All of that said, I will admit that within my universal admiration for my clients, there is a particularly special thrill that occurs when I’m contacted by someone who shares the same excitement and sense of creativity and exploration about a lifestyle session as I do. (I get that it can be kind of a weird thing to get excited about, I do.) But when it happens, it’s magic of the best kind.

This was one of those times. This session was a gift (what a sweet birthday gift!), but the entire family was on board with the mission: to capture this sweet, special time in their life, which was just a few short months before they welcomed their beautiful second child earthside.

These pictures are more than just pictures. In its own way, each is a time capsule. There’s one in particular of Gabe with his LEGOs that I end up staring at whenever I come across it, because I can’t help but see more than a boy and his toys. It seems to sum up everything – the look on his face, his single-minded focus and determination, the soft curve of his cheeks and the last hints of baby roundness about his fingers: this is Gabe at three.

It’s a powerful thing to have in a photograph. And I am so, so glad this family chose me to capture this time in their lives for them.