Megan + Erik: Love - Fairbanks Wedding Photographer

Once upon a time, my beloved best friend from my grad school days asked if I would fly to Salt Lake to photograph her wedding.  

I'm pretty sure you already know my answer. 

It's -20F as I write this at home in Fairbanks, and it it's the perfect morning to relive the sunny elation that was this celebration.  It couldn't have been more perfect: planned from the heart, its quirky blend of glam and come-as-you-are couldn't have encapsulated Megan and Erik better.  I love Megan's vintage-themed couture and the fact that the wedding was held on a concrete pad (accessibility was important for elderly relatives) at a campsite in the mountains an hour away from their home.

It's been almost exactly two years since this day, but you know what?  It's never a bad day to relive the celebration of love.