Merry Christmas - Fairbanks Family Photographer

This motherhood gig, you guys.  It's no joke.  Case in point: I was saving this treasured session so that I could time its debut on the blog with the actual holiday season.  And then, of course, it slipped my mind.  

I'm going to take the chance that some of you are up for extending the holiday spirit for just a little bit longer.  Even though January has mostly passed us by at this point, allow me to transport us back to Christmas!

This session is so incredibly special, and I can take no credit for it.  It's Shilo's brainchild - when presented with the opportunity of the winter holidays and all of her children's grandparents in town, she realized what a moment in time it was - one that, as crazy as life is, may not be repeated for quite some time.  And so she asked me to document it.  

So here are Malachy, Rowan, and Rainey building gingerbread houses with their grandparents.