And now, for something completely different | Fairbanks Cosplay Photographer

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many.  This is especially so for those who have a FAVORITE character.  Outside of Comic-Cons, Halloween is the one day a year that everyone is invited to really lean into costuming to the fullest extent.  

Jolene numbers among the cosplay devotees.  She loves Halloween and she loves being Harley Quinn.  She spent most of a year gathering precise pieces of her costume, down to nail polish, faux tattoos inked by a professional, and an exact replica of Harley's graffitied bat.  This was Jolene's second Halloween dressing up as Harley, and she contacted me in September after a realization: if you spend most of the year in anticipation of Halloween, you should probably get more than blurry iPhone photos snapped by less-than-sober friends by which to remember the night.  

So this year, she hired me to design a session to document Harley Quinn a la Jolene (with a few special appearances by other friends, including Batman and Deadshot).  This was far from a typical session for me, and it was a lot of fun to meet an entirely new set of challenges in order to capture the Halloween experience Jolene wanted.  If you happened to be driving on Airport Way the Friday before Halloween just after dark and were wondering what on earth was happening in the Kodiak Jack's parking lot (a ring of parked, running cars, lightstands and umbrellas, a crowd of people, all in the freezing rain - ) ... yeah, that was us.  It was cold, wet, and an absolute blast.