Non-traditional family portraits: recent favorites.

Perhaps my favorite part of custom family sessions is the process of creating at least one non-traditional family portrait.  It's kind of like solving a riddle: how do I (somewhat organically) get everyone into the frame?  And once I get them there, how do I portray the family authentically, as more than a sum of its parts - preserving at least a hint of the laughter, energy, noise, and personality uniquely inherent to every group.  

I love a good traditional image, too - everyone smiling at the camera.  I call it the "Christmas Card Picture."  I will admit, even I usually end up putting one of those on my personal holiday card, so great-grandmas and far-off cousins alike get to really see how big the kids are, etc.  

But for a canvas in my home?  Personally, one of these is what I'd want printed huge on my wall.  

What about you?  What do you have on your walls?