Turning One is Oh So Bittersweet - Fairbanks Childhood Photographer

It was hard enough when my own baby turned one a few short months ago.  But it somehow hits me anew when clients' babies turn one - perhaps because those babies are often preserved as their newborn selves in my memory.  I often have parents send me notes of reminiscence as their baby nears their birthday - and even though I may have literally been present at said child's birth, the fact that it's been a year still blindsides me every time.  (Also, nothing reminds you just how far behind on blogging you are like having an unblogged-Fresh 48 baby have a birthday...)  A whole year disappeared in the blink of an eye.  

Case in point: Ariana.  

And though so much has changed - the whole sitting up, mobility, and eating solid food thing - I'm thrilled to report that her amazing deadpan "I am merely humoring you" camera face is still going strong.  

See for yourself.  

Ariana then: 

Ariana now.