NURTURE: Art by Colleen Firmin Thomas, August 2017

I love having artist friends, if only because I sometimes get to wrangle a sneak peek at solo exhibitions before they open!  I have always been in love, hard, with my friend Colleen's artwork, so I was only too happy to help her photograph a selection of her works that will hang as part of her show in the Bear Gallery this August.  The show opens on Friday, August 4th with a reception from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.  

Colleen gave me the thumbs-up to share some of the work we photographed here.  Consider it your very own sneak peek!  But trust me, you want to see these in person (as you would with any artwork, but these are three-dimensional works, so you REALLY need to experience these in the flesh!).  

You can follow along with Colleen's career on Instagram and her shiny new website.