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Booking Now: Milk Bath & Herbal Bath Sessions

I know the bathtub might seem like a weird place for a session, but seriously, it's magic every. time.  


Hear me out.

Milk baths have been a "thing" since the time of Cleopatra, who was said to have bathed in "the milk of asses" (of the donkey variety) as part of her beauty regimen.  The lactic acid in the milk acts as a mild exfoliant for the skin; the fat makes a natural moisturizer; aaaaand it's just plain cool.  Add some epsom and essential oils (and perhaps a few flowers...) and it's a beautiful experience, inside and out.  

Herbal baths have long been a favorite of mine, first and foremost for their soothing, restorative properties so appreciated by the bodies of new mamas and new babies alike.  (I have more information about why herbal baths are so darn cool on my FAQ page.)

They're also really pretty.  

I am now offering stand-alone bath sessions for a special rate of $250 for those wanting a unique and beautiful maternity, newborn, or mother + child session.  Sessions include all bath supplies, up to 30 minutes of shooting in the tub, and a complete set of 15-25 high resolution finished images + print release. 

AND.  'Tis almost the season for outdoor milk baths (yes, it's possible!), so sign up to take advantage of the sun while you can!  

If you have any questions or would like to talk about booking your session, please drop me a line!  

MODEL CALL: half-price concept sessions up for grabs this spring

All year long, crazy session ideas will strike me - usually at extremely busy, inconvenient times.  I've been trying to write them down, though, so that I could pick those ideas back up again when I do have some breathing room.  That time is now!  Well, kind of.  I can't exactly say I'm at a loss for things to do, buuuut at the same time it's a far cry from the craziness of summer, so I'd like to take this opportunity to have some fun. 

So here's my list of Concept Sessions: pre-designed sessions that are ready to go and just need participants!  They're essentially the same custom lifestyle sessions I usually offer - except I've taken care of the "custom" part of it, so to speak.  Every session is definitely going to be unique (I think we'd have a hard time avoiding that), but rather than you & me cooperatively designing a session from the ground up, you get to step right into a ready-made session blueprint. 

Even better?  Because these are ideas on my personal list, these sessions are yours for half price.  Win-win!

The Fine Print: MODEL RELEASES ARE REQUIRED.  Regularly priced lifestyle sessions include 1-2 hours of shooting, a complete set of high resolution images + print release, a custom USB, and an online gallery for a fee of $550.  Concept sessions as offered here include 1-2 hours of shooting, a complete set of high resolution images + print release via digital download, and an online gallery for a fee of $275.  When applicable, gift certificates, coupons, and other promotions may be applied to the regular session cost, and the concept session will be one half of the remaining balance (i.e., a gift certificate of $100 would take the regular cost to $450, and the concept session would be $225).  All concept sessions must be scheduled to take place before May 12, 2018.

Let's start with the biggest one first!

FILLED.  Commercial and Editorial Photography for Small Businesses.  I am seeking a local business/businessperson (sole proprietors are fine!) to 'model' for a truly custom, editorial business package.  I would like to work with you to design an authentic portrait of your person and your business, no matter how big or small, from top to bottom.  This is highly variable depending on the nature of the business, of course, but the work could include shadowing a typical day or relevant work process; studio stock photography; environmental portraits; studio headshots; and lifestyle "action" sessions to show endproducts in use. 

concept blog_0001.jpg

FILLED.  Maternity Photography.  I am seeking a mama in her second or third trimester (30-35 weeks is ideal) who is expecting baby number 2 to participate in a mother + child themed maternity session.  The older child will ideally be under the age of four.  This session will take place in the studio and will in part require a bare belly.  

Lifestyle Parent + Child.  I would love to document a bathtime routine with a mama or papa and a bubble bath.  At least one child should be two years old or under.  The big requirement here is that the participating family MUST have a bathroom with a tub and at least one window.  

concept blog_0003.jpg

Breastfeeding Portraits.  I am seeking a mama and nursling set (multiple nurslings ok; any age of child/ren ok) to participate in an intimate nursing session.  This session will take place at home in your bedroom.  Mama must be ok with tasteful toplessness.   The most important requirement is that you MUST have a window in your bedroom.  (I also may ask for permission to move your furniture so your bed is closer to said window - just a heads up!)  

concept blog_0004.jpg

Lifestyle Family / Parent + Child.  This session would be lovely with either the whole family, or just one parent having a special day with the kiddos.  I would like to document a family in the kitchen working together to bake something.  I was thinking cut-out cookies because they are so visually rich during the decorating stage especially, but I'm also open to your ideas!  This session will take place on location in your kitchen.  Windows are a huge plus.  

concept blog_0005.jpg

FILLED.  Lifestyle Family / Parent + Child.  This session would be lovely with either the whole family, or just one parent having a special day with the kiddos.  I am seeking the indoor-blanket-fort-building-champions of Fairbanks.  I think you can see where this is going.  :)  This session takes place in your home; windows are a huge plus.  

concept blog_0006.jpg

FILLED.  Newborn Photography.  I am seeking a newborn (under three weeks of age at the time of the session) for an in-studio newborn milk bath mini-session.  Mama's hands and arms will also be photographed.  

concept blog_0007.jpg

FILLED.  Herbal Bath Session.  I am seeking a mama + baby pair to participate in an herbal bath.  Tasteful nudity a possibility.  Nursing relationship preferred.  This session takes place on location in your home; you MUST have a bathtub and a window in your bathroom.

concept blog_0008.jpg

Hopefully one of these sessions sounds PERFECT for your family!  If so, give me a holler.   Only one session per concept is available at the special rate, so jump now.  If you are interested in one of the in-home sessions listed that requires a window, please send me a snapshot of that space with your inquiry so I can get a general idea of what we're working with.  

Oh, and if you'd like the exclusive first peak on stuff like this in the future, be sure to sign up for my email newsletter!  They got this list a full 24 hours before it hit the blog, just sayin'. 

I'm looking forward to hearing from you! 

Breastfeeding Art & the Fairbanks Breastfeeding Coalition's 2017 Art Show

This April marks the third annual Breastfeeding Art Show & Competition put on by the Fairbanks Breastfeeding Coalition.  It has been such a lovely event.  I love seeing Fairbanks come out to support the cause, but even more, I've been incredibly impressed by the quality and variety of artworks that have been submitted for the show.  It's just been so much fun, and I've enjoyed being a participant all three years.  

This was my entry for the 2016 show, which won second place.  To date, it's still one of my favorite images ever:

fbc blog_0001.jpg

For the 2017 show, the FBC allowed each person up to three entries, and I took them up on it.   

The Landscape of Brothers

The Landscape of Brothers

Business as Usual

Business as Usual

The above image, "Business as Usual," won second place in the 2017 Competition. 

It was sooooo hard to pick the images to submit.  Here are a few more of my favorite breastfeeding images from the last 12 months: 

To keep up with the Fairbanks Breastfeeding Coalition, you can find them on Facebook here!  

Mama+Baby: Ashley & Maddox - Fairbanks Portrait Photographer

I'm a little bit in love with this set of images.  I'm lucky enough to have friends and colleagues within the local photographer community who are willing to be guinea pigs for ideas I want to work out; in this case, the lovely Ashley of Applegum Photography let me monopolize her and baby Maddox for the morning.

Mother+Child sessions are a real love of mine on any given day, and this particular set of portraits was designed to capture a specific bond in a specific way.  My youngest child is just a few months older than Ashley's Maddox, and I just absolutely revel in his babyhood.  I could eat it with a spoon.  I love his plush cheeks, milky breath, and downy hair; the coos, the smiles, and even the squawks.  And the cuddles.  There is a palpable oxytocin rush when he intentionally leans his face into mine for kisses, or nuzzles into my neck, or reaches out to touch my cheek.  HEART MELTED.  

It got me to thinking that I really wanted to design a session that could document this particularly sweet paragraph in the chapter of the mama-baby story.  I wanted images that look like the moments feel.  

And if that makes any sense to you, well, I just may be the photographer for you.  :)  All kidding aside, I really do think every mama deserves to have such a beautiful portrait of her love for her baby.  There really is no more powerful thing.    

Carrie, Kaelin, & William: Mother + Child - Fairbanks Lifestyle Photographer

The only good thing about being so behind on blogging is the opportunity to rediscover how much I love these sessions. This one in particular – I had forgotten how precisely lovely it was to watch Kaelin flirt with and ultimately embrace her new identity as a big sister in this Fresh 48-turned Mother + Child session. If memory serves me, William was about a week old when we did this session. I love the real and intimate feeling of these images: there are no pretensions of perfection, and yet, they capture a beauty far greater than “picture-perfect.” A time capsule of their family.

Only a few 2015 Mother + Child sessions are available – if you’re interested in one, please drop me a line!

Signe, Hamish, & Saskia: Mother + Child - Fairbanks Lifestyle Family Photographer

I’m lucky to have such lovely friends who agree to let me photograph them incessantly. : ) Signe and I wanted to do some babywearing portraits, and luckily, she let me turn this into a Mother + Child session with her two little ones as we played in the botanical gardens. It was just beautiful (as you can see).

As I said in my last post on Mother + Child sessions, I have a real passion for these “little sessions” (40 minutes). I think it’s just wonderful to design an activity that mother and child love to do together, to pull mom out from behind the camera and put her in her family’s spotlight for real. It’s so important for mom to be in the picture, and I believe it so much that there are several putting-my-money-where-my-mouth-is posts in the works. : )

For now, please enjoy these lovely images!

Lucy Sue's Herbal Bath - Fairbanks Newborn Photographer

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that I LOVE herbal baths.


I will admit, I first fell in love with them for reasons that were other than pure. I mean – they’re beautiful, visually. There’s pretty much nothing better than a serene little baby floating in mama’s hands. But after I had my second baby, I came to love them for much more practical reasons. I won’t go into them all here, but my oh my, they are wonderful.  (Let's just say - VERY soothing for tender tissues!)

Mostly due to my profound love of herbal baths, I’ve long wanted to incorporate them into my Fresh 48 sessions for families who were interested – after all, I feel they’re a “productive” use of postpartum time, since they are so soothing and promote healing, but also because they’re a visually stunning skin-to-skin cuddlefest.

I’m thrilled to have finally had the chance to photograph a few herbal baths, and I’m so excited to share the first with you. Lucy Sue was only a few days old when we took these pictures – and, as you can see, her older siblings were so in love with her, they couldn’t help but climb into the bath themselves.

For more information about Fresh 48 Sessions, check out this post!